Savkuev, Hamid

1964      20th July Hamid Vladimirovich was born in Kazakhstan in a family of immigrants from Kabardino-Balkaria.

1979      The family moves back to their homeland at Nalchik. Hamid received his first artistic education at the Faculty of Art of the Karačaevskom Pedagogical Institute.

1989      Completed his art education at the Art and Graphics Faculty of Stavropol

1995      Graduated with honours from the I.E. Repin State Academic Institute of Arts, Sculpture and Architecture,

               St. Petersburg.

1995       Postgraduate studies at the creative studio of painting of the Russian Academy of Arts, of Professor

               A.A. Mylnikov.

1995       Lecturer at the studio of Professor A.A. Mylnikov at the I.E. Repin State Academic Institute of Arts.

1996       Member of the Russian Union of Artists.

1998       Member of the teaching staff of the painting department of the I.E. Repin State Academic Institute

1999       Participant in the reconstruction of the decoration of the Cathedral of Christ Saviour in Moscow.

2000       Member of the teaching staff of the department of Historical Religious Decoration of the  I.E. Repin State Academic Institute of Arts. 

2007       Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts.



1996       Diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts for the painting “Bride” at the Ethnographic Institute in Nalchik, Russia.

1999       Commemorative Medal for the restoration work at the Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow.

2005       Silver Medal of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts for his series of works of  2001 – 2005

2007       Government Award to commemorate “250th Anniversary of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts”.

2012        Diploma of the Academy of Arts for the participation in the exhibition of contemporary art of the Caucasus " In the hands of heaven”


Exhibitions, creative projects and publications

1997       Two panel paintings “Tsar Ivan the Terrible is Accepting the Kabardinian delegations” and

               “Ploughmen Coming out” for  he Houses of Government and Parliament of Kabardino-Balkaria.

1999       Two paintings, “Baptizing the Kievers” and “Carrying the relics of St. Nicholas” were completed at the St. Nicholas  aisle of the  Christ the Saviour Cathedral.

               The Government of Spain purchased the painting “St. George” for the Presidents Palace in Catalonia.

2000       Personal exhibition and publication Art Catalogue, Barcelona, Spain.

               “Art Expo”, Barcelona, Spain.

2002       Exhibition “New Generation of Russian Realism” and, Wuhan, China.

2002/6     Personal exhibitions in Gallery Godá, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2002/9     Exhibition at the “Agnietenfestival”, Gouda; OD Art Gallery, Delft; Gallery Cattani, Leiderdorp; ‘De Russen

komen”, Reeuwijk; “Masters from Repin Academy”, Groningen,The Netherlands.

2004       Personal exhibition “White River”, Union of Artists, St. Petersburg, Russia.

               Exhibition “Masters from Repin Academy”, Slot Zeist, Zeist, The Netherlands.

               Personal Exhibition Central House of Artists.

Publication Art Catalogue, Moscow, Russia.

2005       Personal Exhibition Samara;  “Bronze Era” SARAL’P Gallery, St. Petersburg; State Duma of Russia, Moscow, Russia

2006       Personal Exhibition “Gathering the Stones”, Union of Artists, St. Petersburg; Publication  Art Catalogue  


               Exhibition “Russian Summer Festival”, Great Laurens Church, Alkmaar, The Netherlands.

2007       Creation of the monument to V.M.Kokov, first President of Kabardino-Balkaria, Nalchik, Russia.
Exhibition on stage Concertgebouw Amsterdam during concert Sjostakovitsj.

2008       Exhibition “Festival A Wonderful World”, Great Laurens Church, Alkmaar, The Netherlands.

               Exhibition "Groenkwartier", Antwerp, Belgium.

Publication of the catalogue of paintings in China.                           

 2009       Personal exhibition "Tree of life" in the Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts St. Petersburg.

Publication of the catalogue in St. Petersburg.

Personal exhibition "Ark" in the State Museum of Oriental art in Moscow.

Personal exhibition "Bronze tale" State Museum of CBD in Nalchik, Russia.

Participation in a project directed by Sokurov "Faust" (for the film adaptation of "Faust" by Goethe's tragedy).

Exhibition at the “Agnietenfestival” Gouda, The Netherlands.

2010        Participation in the exhibition for teachers in the halls of the Russian Academy of Arts ("Prayer for peace", Participation in the exhibition in the engineering Castle of Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

Participation in the exhibition Art Manege 2010 (Gallery Lesoreades).

Participation in the project "Samson" (adaptation of the novel in the Jabotinsky Samson Nazareth. "from a screenplay by S.Bodrov)

Personal exhibition in the halls of the Central House of Artists in Moscow, dedicated to the publication of the book "Livanova V.b. Agniya, doch ' Agnii with h. Savkueva.

Exhibition at the “Agnietenfestival” Gouda, The Netherlands.

2011        Work on the design of performance "Scarecrow" in the city of Nalchik.

Exhibition at the “Agnietenfestival” Gouda, The Netherlands.

2011/12   Exhibition, teachers in the halls of the Russian Academy of Arts.

2012        Participation in exhibition in St. Petersburg Union of artists on the theme of "Gogol".

The exhibition "Face reality" AK bars Kazan Gallery Series of graphic sheets to illustrate books by VB Livanova "Agniya, doch Agnia".

Exhibition "World of the Caucasus" in Moscow.

Exhibition at the “Agnietenfestival” Gouda, The Netherlands.

2013        Participation in the exhibition for teachers in the halls of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Exhibition “De Liefde” at Cultural Centre “Het Oude Raadhuis” Aalsmeer The Netherlands

Exhibition at the “Agnietenfestival” Gouda, The Netherlands.

Participation at the exhibition “St. Petersburg at School van Frieswijk” Schalkhaar, The Netherlands

Works Placed
In State Museums and private collections in Russia, China, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, France, USA, Australia  and others.

Originally Kabardino, Hamid Savkuev studied his true vocation, painting, in St. Petersburg at the famous I.E. Repin Academy of Art and Architecture. He got his passion for working on a large scale when he worked in Mylnikov's Studio of Monumental Painting.

His first period could be considered as formal. These works are symbolist, epic and hieratic, with the themes focussed on literary, oneiric, theatrical and cinematographic motifs. However they also have a certain degree of surrealism. He avoids raucous colours and uses a quite cold range. He works a lot with volume and dense masses witch often have a stone-like appearance. The characters, although carrying out daily chores, are shown to be distanced and immersed in deep reflexion. under a light which critics have described as "caravaggiesque".

The government of the Russian Federation commissioned him to paint the frescos for the newly inaugurated Cathedral of Christ Saviour in Moscow. These frescos have two principal themes, one is the Christianization of Kiev and the other is the transfer of the remains of St. Nicolas. After this he worked on the 40 m2 painting of the new Cathedral in Kursk, the second assignment from the Government, Due to these assignments his work became part of the art heritage of the Russian Federation.


Title"Mime and Mannequin"
Typemagic realism
Techniqueoil on canvas
Priceon request, in stock

Typemagic realism
Techniqueoil on canvas
Priceon request, in stock

Title"Horse", chess table
Formath=70 cm
Techniquemixed technique
Priceon request, in stock


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