Staniszewski, Grzegorz

Grzegorz Staniszewski belongs to the young generation of glass artists from Poland. Completed his studies at he Glass and Ceramiques Studio of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocaw, of Professor Zbigniew Horbowy’s in 1992. Since than he works as an independent artists and participated on morr than fifty personal and group expositions.

Staniszewski uses the technique of pouring glass in wet sand or cement.

Sometimes the pure form of the cast is the basis of his work, somtimes he uses cold techniques to achieve the final result. He uses clear or coloured glass and with this he applies iron structures.Hij strives to freeze the moment of the casting of the glass in order to express himself.

His recent sculptures, Ancestors and Aphrodite are a balance of simpel forms and colours, rustique and filled with an internal dynamique.

Staniszewski refers conciously to the past, which for him not only is a dusty. He grasps centuries eeuwen old problems like the source of human being and our civilisation.




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1 december 2016