Alexandrovna, Maya

Born in Prag, Č.R.

Graduated at the Academy of Fine Art in Paris – Beaux Arts, at the studio of painting under  Prof. Mathey and the lithographic studio under Prof. Hadad

Member of Artist Association in Paris


Maya Alexandrovna has been working solidly for three years on the paintings: The Goddess of Snakes, The Queen of the Night, Nut, When the Gods Play, Childeric's Bees, Memories of Atlantis and other paintings all use the classic technique of oil painting. They are inspired by meeting people from different cultures, and the legacy of ancient civilisations; by classical music, but also by the rock of the 1970s and 1980s. The large paintings are full of symbolism, but also of a sense of the grotesque and of detachment. In the background, moreover, there is always the issue of the freedom of the individual. 'Everyone has the right to his or her own opinion and to learn freely,' she says. 'I value the individual, not the crowd. I'm an eternal rebel against all dogma, schema and religious systems. In life, I'm interested in the moments when fairly small things influence basic things!'
Although the artist and illustrator - who uses Maya as her artistic name - has lived peacefully in her native Prague for a number of years, she has also spent a large part of her life overseas. She studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Australia and Indonesia are the countries to which she has most frequently returned, both on working and private visits. She has exhibited in the US, Australia, Germany and France, and has worked on a number of animated films, including for the BBC. She has won a number of awards for her designs and illustrations.
After returning to the Czech lands she has focused on illustrating children's books and magazines, for publishers including Albatros.



Gallery of institute Beaux-Arts, Gallery 222, Duncan Gallery, Paris.

Casino in Le Havre, National Gallery city of Strasburg,

Gallery BMW, Munich

National Gallery of Melbourne, National Gallery of Cairns,

Gallery Abercrombie, Sydney, Melbourne,Libby Edwards, Melbourne,

Art Gallery Yacht club, Brisbane, Cairns 

Beverly  Pavilion- Exh. Of Modern Art, L.A., Hargroave’s Gallery, Sotho, N.Y.

Gallery VAN, Prag,  Pražské Výstaviště, Gallery of Fine Art, Havličkuv Brod,

Gallery La Fame, Museum of city of Prague, Prague City Center,


Prices  and  Nominations

1993     Children’s Book of the Year Awards, Australia, New Zeeland

1991     Children’s Book of the Year Awards, Australia, New Zeeland

1990    Book of the Year Awards, Australia, New Zeeland

1982     Ten Top designer of the Year, Australia

1981     I. Price AUS. , GOWN of the Year  1981/section


Books and Editors

Oxford University Press, Thomas Nelson, US Asthon Scholastic,

William Heinemann, MC Millen, Random Century, Lito, Flammarion,

Horwitz Grahame,  Albatros, Fragment, Mladá Fronta atd.


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Titel"Snake Goddess"
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