Shilova, Fransiska

1969     Born in St. Petersburg


1997     Graduated at the Academy of Applied Arts named after V. Muchina in St. Petersburg department Art and design. Followed several courses jewellery and gold/silver smith.


1995     Moved to the Netherlands to work as a stage painter at the “Muziektheater” at Amsterdam

            Art teacher at private school and freelance book illustrator


Frantsiska developed a fascination for the illumination art of the Medieval manuscripts. Her experience in jewellery and knowledge of medieval art and talent of miniature painting resulted in the collection of colliers “Timeless”.

The central pieces are miniature paintings using traditional techniques on parchment and raised gold technique. The themes are based on marginal manuscript illuminations, so called drollery or grotesque, mostly found in English, Flemish and French manuscripts of the 12th and 13th centuries. They are not copies but her own variations on this theme. Each collier is unique in its design. The paintings are framed in old watch casings making it a timeless pleasure to wear and enjoy.


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1 December 2016